Download OGYouTube Latest Version 4.2 for Android (NEW)

Hi Guys, Here we have the latest version of the modded YouTube app, OG YouTube. Now download OGYouTube latest version APK (v4.2) to enjoy latest cool features and hacks of it. Upgrade to its latest version for enjoying all the latest features.

Download OG YouTube for Android

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OG YouTube MOD For Video Downloading

Don’t you know about OG YouTube before? Then we are here to clear its information to you. OGYouTube is a modded version of the official YouTube app. As it is modded, it has got many excellent features like youtube video downloading, popup playback and more. You can easily install it and run on both rooted and non-rooted devices. It has got some features that you will never get on your default YouTube app. So, the OG YouTube is much better than the other mods and default app. It is similar to GBWhatsapp for Android. You can download APK and install the new version of OGYouTube from below.

Also, check out all the incredible features of OG YouTube mentioned below.    Download Now (MicroG for OGYT)    Download Now (OGYouTube)

Cool Features Of OG YouTube:

  • Download multiple videos at the same time.
  • Watch a video on the background and popup window.
  • Play video while the screen is off.
  • Download video as an MP3 format.
  • Play and download videos in all qualities (140p-1440p).
  • Download video with its subtitles.
  • Press back button twice to exit the playing video.

What’s New In OGYouTube 4.2 APK:

  • Base update to 12.43.52.
  • Simple rewind or forward for 10 seconds by double-tapping on the left and right sides of the video.
  • Now supports Android Marshmallow.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Download OG YouTube Latest Version 4.2

  • First of all, go to your Android device Settings > Security > tick on Unknown Sources.
  • Then, download MicroG For OGYouTube version 2.0 by Clicking Here.
  • Now, Click here to go and download the OG YouTube 4.2 APK.
  • Download its APK file > Install it on your Android mobile as usual.
  • Now open OG YouTube > Click on “Later” if it asks to update the app.
  • Yoohoo! You are ready to rock with the cool features of OG YouTube latest version.

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Download Old Versions Of OG YouTube:

  • Youtube OG Downloader 4.1 – Click Here
  • OGMods v3.1 for YouTube – Click Here
  • OGYouTube Download 2.7 APK – Click Here

What Is MicroG For OGYouTube?

You want to run the OgYoutube app on an Android device, right? To run it without any hassle, you need to download the microG for OGYotube apk. It helps in running this OGMod of YouTube flawlessly. It is basically an APK file. The minimum requirements to install is to run on Android OS v2.1 or above. Please uninstall the old microG version and install the new one. It is very much necessary to download quality audio and video from YouTube.


So, friends, it was a pretty simple guide for installing the latest version of OG YouTube on Android. Try it on mobiles and tablets. So, you can run two YouTube apps on a device at the same time with extra cool features and hacks. You need to stay tuned for more like this. Please comment in the below section about anything about the OgYoutube app. We will respond you asap.

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GTA 5 Apk Download (Normal Apk + MOD APK + OBB Data)

GTA 5 APK : Get the latest version of Grand Theft Auto 5 APK (GTA V APK) for Android. Rockstar games have released the Mobile version of this beloved game and it has been receiving tonnes of love from the fans. Not only it mimics the original PC version’s essence, it also features incredibly stunning mechanics that makes it more worth while to play this game on your Android phone. Unlike iOS, you can also customize this game using apps like Lucky Patcher or other modding techniques. The best way to install GTA 5 on Android is to use the links we’ve given here as we ensure that all of our links are up-to-date. This way, you will not have to worry about missing out. You can download the GTA 5 APK + OBB from This Post

Ever since its inception, Rockstar games have launched game-changing products. We will talk about its past further but firstly, the decision of entering smartphone phase is the single most revolutionary step the company has taken in the past decade. At this age of portability, phones are the main computers that gets the most user base. Apart from this, it only makes sense to move on to more compact and advanced devices. Gone are the days when people used to carry big laptops with them where ever they went only to keep their gaming going. Today, phones as big as your palm can give you what consoles like PS2 used to provide like ten years ago.

GTA V APK Download Latest Version For Android

App NameGTA VVersionv1.09Android Version Requires4.0+Total Downloads7,000,000+App Size21.1 MB + 2.6 GBDeveloperRockstar Games

Download GTA 5 Apk + Data on Android


Features OF GTA 5 APK

The whole GTA Franchise is unknown to none. Literally, anyone who had been in gaming in the last 20 years have seen or heard from Rockstar’s GTA at least once. It has attained the legendary status of game like Mario; Meaning it cannot be forgotten for a long amount of time that has to come. All because at its inception, it has something unique to offer. Something that was thought of before but never was invented. And that is a good open-world. Many games tried to bring city-sized maps with genuine looking NPC’s but all of them failed due to lack to detail. Rockstar on the other hand took a very different approach and gave more life to Non playable characters as well all the physical things present in the game in general. Here are some of the features like this that you can expect in GTA 5 APK :

  • By portable device’s standards, the game features very high-quality, life-like immersive graphics. Its so good that almost seems unreal for a smartphone.
  • The game can be played in 2 Fundamental modes. The first way is to follow the scripted story line. This way, you will be able to experience the game as the developer intended you to do. All the happenings are staged and well-curated which almost feels like watching an action movie
  • The second way would be loosing yourself in the vast valleys of Grand theft auto. After all, only then the true essence can be experienced.
  • You can roam around as a player in the entire city and can also interact with objects, animals and human characters
  • All the Non-playable characters present in the game are given their own set of lines and dialogues which makes the whole experience more immersive and life-like
  • The story line that this game features is quite rich and long. You will be needing at least a whole week in order to complete this game, which really huge for a smartphone app.
  • All the Game Characters, Cars, Designs are awesome and looks as like real.
  • There is a awesome Vehicle driving control, it is far better than any other GTA game.

Only reading those features makes it clear that GTA 5 is second to none when it comes to open-world games. Almost every vehicle in the game is player-usable. In other words, you will be able to drive most of the vehicles you see running around in the game. This will ensure not missing out the whole openness of the game. The city itself is over hundreds of square miles big and you can explore all of it by foot or a vehicle. All of this is possible in your smartphone or tablet.

How to Install GTA 5 in Any Android Phone?

First Of All You have to Download the All Files of GTA 5 Android once you successfully downloaded all the file, you can start following steps given below in order to install and run GTA V on your smartphone.

  • So First of all Download the GTA 5 APK From Above button
  • Once The Download complete Go to your Settings>Security & Make sure that the Unkown Sources in enabled
  • Now Download The ES File Explorer App here  Because we have to extract the Data file in this Game folder.
  • Now Go to download folder in Ex File Explorer you will see GTA 5 Data Zip file there which is names as com.rockstargames.gtasa.
  • Now, extract this Zip file to Android >> OBB. (If there is no OBB folder in Android folder then create a new folder in it and name it as Obb and extract your file in it.)

That’s All. Congratulations now you have successfully installed GTA5 Mobile version on your android phone now you can enjoy playing the game.

Download GTA 5 APK

You can use the link mentioned here in order to download the APK file for GTA 5. You can use it on any Android phone you like and it will work like charm as long it has some decent amount of specs. The higher of processing quality your device have, the better gameplay you’ll get – Its a no brainer !

That is why you will have to make sure that your phone is capable of handling the ultra-high level of graphics GTA 5 has to offer. Make sure that and only after then go ahead and download the file mentioned. You will need yo allow the third-party installs from the settings of your Android device. It is needed in order to complete the process because android inherently does not allow installations out-side play store. It can be a bummer as many great applications are not present there. But the good thing is that there is an option to enable in the settings and we are gonna utilize that very well in order to download GTA 5 Phone APK.

Final Verdict

GTA 5 APK download is possible with the link we’ve given in the article. All you need to do now is to go ahead and download the file and move on to the installation process. It is only after installation that you will be able to play this on your Android device. You see, we say Android device here ? It means that you can also use it on a tablet ! The very same APK File ! Not to mention it is a binary file which, unlike Play store back end files, is very much shareable by all the means possible. Make sure to use the same link as much as you like to download on all devices you have.

We will keep updating the article as soon as new variants come, so it will be very logical to bookmark this page. This way you will never miss out any updates ever. You can do that by tapping that start icon on chrome. Do let us know what else you would like to see here on this site. It can be anything Android or iOS related. We are Also working on GTA for iOS and a link for that will be added to this same article whenever it comes out. In case you have an iOS device then keep in touch as we have the very right material coming up for it. Do Now Forget To Check Lucky Patcher & GBWhatsApp. 

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3000+ Update Whatsapp Group link list 2019

Some of the WhatsApp users want to join the WhatsApp group. But they can not join more group at once time, because they cannot get a lot of Whatsapp group link. If you face the same problem, do not worry about it. Because, in this post, we write about joining the latest WhatsApp community for dedicated users .

Here, you see the lot group join link. You can select the favorite group and click on it. Before entering the group, know about the best WhatsApp group app, which helps in finding unlimited group links.

whatsapp group links


  • 0.1 What is WhatsApp?
  • 0.2 What Is Whatsapp Group?
  • 0.3 What is Whatsapp group Join link?
  • 0.4 How to Create a WhatsApp group link?
  • 0.5 How to join Whatsapp Group Via Invite Link?
  • 1 Whatsapp Group Link Invite list
    • 1.1 #1.NEW/LATEST
    • 1.2 #2.PUBG
    • 1.3 #3.USA/American
    • 1.4 #4.ACTRESS/ACTOR
    • 1.5 #5.INDIAN
    • 1.6 #6.ISLAMIC
    • 1.7 #7.PAKISTAN
    • 1.8 #8.HACKING
    • 1.9 #9.INTERNATIONAL
    • 1.10 #10.TAMIL/TELEGU
    • 1.11 #11.LOVE
    • 1.12 #12.SPIRITUAL
    • 1.13 #13.FUNNY
    • 1.14 #14.TECHNOLOGY
    • 1.15 #15.NEWS
    • 1.16 #16.Football/Cricket
    • 1.17 #17.MALLU/ADULT(18+)
  • 2 The advantage of whatsapp join Link?
  • 3 Whatsapp Group Features
    • 3.0.1 Description
    • 3.0.2 Mentioned
    • 3.0.3 Delete a message
    • 3.0.4 Share location
    • 3.0.5 Reply
    • 3.0.6 Group Call
    • 3.0.7 Check Group Storage
    • 3.0.8 Media Visibility
  • 4 Frequently Ask Question
    • 4.1 Final Word

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a most popular social app. The first purpose of launching WhatsApp was chatting. Sudden it became more popular in a limited time period. There are so many features by which it is on the top.

You can easily share your feelings and emotions with friends and followers with the help of message, files, gifs, audio, video images etc. Everything we can use to make our chatting impressive.

What Is Whatsapp Group?

The most important feature of WhatsApp is WhatsApp group. Groups are very useful for Whatsapp users. It helps to engaged more friends at once. Sometimes you feel bored, that time a group only for you. Only open any active group are a help to and chat with an online participant.

For the first time, the group administrator is only the God of the group. But, when the WhatsApp developers add the group link option, then the admin make a joker. Anyone one participant this group help of join links no need any admin approval.

What is Whatsapp group Join link?

Just like walking on the road, our feet are necessary. In the same way, a group link is required to reach a group. A group invite link is a way to join public member.

How to Create a WhatsApp group link?

All Whatsapp user Create group invite link. For this, need a WhatsApp group. Only admin can make this feature. Let’s see the below step I write proper step to make group invite link.

  • First, make a WhatsApp group [ Click 3dot icon ⇒ New Group⇒ Add participant ⇒ Type Group Name ]
  • After complete to make WhatsApp group, click on 3 Pencil icon. There are a lot of options you find but hit on Group info.
  • Next page, You will get Group Invites link, Tap on that. The next windows say the copy link.

How to join Whatsapp Group Via Invite Link?

Before going into a group first introduced how to use it. It is very simple to use just read the below step.

  1. First, Scroll down this page and see a lot Whatsapp Group link. Choose any link and click on that.
  2. It redirects to a new window and saw apps list on your Device, Choose the Whatsapp apps.
  3. Now see the group icon and CANCEL AND JOIN GROUP option.
  4. you are a participant of this group after select JOIN GROUP button.       
  5. Repeat the step 1 to 5 multiple Group join. You may send your group Link to us for Getting people to join in it.

Whatsapp Group Link Invite list

We know that people are interested in getting more groups. So in this post, we cover lots of Whatsapp groups according to categories wise. Anyone can join this list.





After joining this group. You can use that group according to your desire. But some groups will have to accept the policy. Therefore, study the terms and conditions before contributing to the group.


There are several more categories of whatsapp group which  you can join. The groups shared on this post are active and are regularly updated. There are many other types of groups that can be useful to you in your daily life. I have classified these groups as the latest WhatsApp group.

  • ?We all are one 1⃣
  • S D fashion
  • Paytm Cash ?
  • Buy Product
  • Paytm Cash ????
  • Wheeliee boys ??
  • ??PØEŦƦ¥ ₡ŁUB??
  • ?Ludo Earning Point ?
  • ?️?️BRANDED STORES?️?️
  • Technology Offer
  • My Today Time
  • Earn Money Daily
  • Vin Expert
  • Blog Prompt Only
  • ?SP??‍?
  • ???Only friend ???
  • Apps?,PDF?Games?
  • ONLINE Guru
  • Everyonic


Pubg is an online multiplayer game. It is famous among teenagers. It is currently a trending game played by users of all age groups. In this game 100 players jump on an island and kill the enemy. In the past 2 years the game improves itself with many features. Users search for certain groups where they can find pubg tips and tricks. There are also some groups organizing the tournament. If you are a young player then you should join these groups.

  • Pubg Lover
  • ?PUBG?
  • ?PUBG players?
  • ? Pubg gangsters⚔???
  • ?Pubg Free Tournamet??
  • Gaming videos
  • PUBMOM TamilanZzz?
  • Unlimited fun??????
  • PUBG Mobile????


people of this country are famous for their modern style as well as their technology life. In all the techniques, smartphone technology is very attractive.

So many Americans use smartphones and attach social media apps like WhatsApp. Our team members collected some useful USA Whatsapp groups. We share the list below, use this link and make friends with the American people.

  • Messi?
  • USA Duniya
  • Trading News
  • The USA Now
  • ?Tech Feed
  • Import and Export ?
  • Secret
  • Job
  • England Group

Must Check:- Get More Girls WhatsApp Group Invite link


I know that you would love to watch movies. I like Be. But when we watch the movie of our favorite actor, it is very fun And also likes the news of our favorite actor. If you go to the actor’s news then join the WhatsApp group at the bottom.

  • Bollywood actress
  • Actresscaged
  • Actress love
  • Bollywood actress love
  • Actress love and video
  • Actress swaggers
  • Actress love
  • Actress cage HD
  • Bollywood actresses


There are many people living in India. It is important for every Indian to know about your country. India is a growing nation whose GDP is the largest of any other nation. If you are an Indian then you know that there are many such topics which Indians prefer. Politics, news, science and technology, current affairs and more. If you are interested in these topics then you are in a right place. There are several WhatsApp groups you can join. These groups will always share news and information about India.

Are you search the term Indian Whatsapp link on the search engine. But you can not get the correct information. If you get any blog they can’t join the particular list due to full of participants. So guys fix the above problem we provided an Indian group invite links on below.

  • ◦•●◉✿[ ɢʀᴏᴜᴘ ɪɴᴅɪᴀ ]✿◉●•◦
  • we are Indian
  • Modi G
  • Indian Groups
  • fan net
  • Admit fan club
  • Rose fan
  • Fun mastic
  • Ironman
  • Kajal d Group
  • Breakpoint


Islamic is a religion. Also, its people are called Muslaman. Islamic people believe Allah, angel Allah, and predestination. If you are joining this group, then you can know all the news about Islamic it.

There is a lot of Islamic group link you can find on the below .tap on that and join your suitable Islamic group.

  • Fiverr expert
  • Hssc
  • Islamic Guru
  • Gk tell
  • clear Plan
  • Gk Islamic
  • mission Islamic
  • as on Islamic
  • Online Guru
  • Islamic Love


Pakistan is the nearest country to India. In Pakistan their cool boys and girls are interested to touch with you . just need to find the list Pakistan link here. just see the below list we share it list wisely just look below.

  • Current Affair
  • Patti Pakistan
  • Only Pakistan
  • Funny
  • Pak Guru
  • Pakistan Collager
  • Dealer Pakistan Lahore


Everybody in this hi-tech world wants to know more about technology. Technology advances us but something else is advanced. Yes we are talking about hacking. Hacking is a technique or breakdown of communication.

You do not need to join a course or study more to learn ethical hacking. You can do this with some stuff. There are many hacking groups you can join. These groups share details about hacking. The group provides tips and tricks to hack an application or website. Use it You can make yourself more secure.

  • ?Hacking Love
  • Indian Ethical
  • Ethical Master
  • ?Code Master
  • Love For Ethical
  • ?Computer Master
  • Android Developer
  • ?Apps Maker
  • ?Laptop-zone
  • ?My Ethical World


There are more than 200 nations in the world. All the nations have their own rules and laws. Passengers traveling to a new country must know about that country. International trips become complicated for those who do not know about the place where they are going. International group is the group where you will get news and information about a country.

This is the country wise popular International group for all Links for Some of the popular countries is like a united state, the United Kingdom, Australia, England, China, Canada and much more.

  • Germany groups
  • Australia group
  • Us country group
  • UK group
  • England
  • France
  • China
  • USA & Spanish


Tamil is a Dravidian language which is mainly spoken in some states of India and Sri Lanka. Many people try to communicate with people who speak Tamil. If you are such type of people and want to join Tamil-related Whatsapp Group, then the below link will definitely help you.

  • Tamil Duniya
  • Freedom Tamil
  • Tamil zone
  • My Tamil education center
  • Mechatronics engineering
  • knowledge Tamil
  • Happy Zone
  • Keep typing
  • Golden Tamil school


Love is a feeling in which one person gets attracted with another person. Every person falls in love once in his lifetime. Love groups on Whatsapp are those groups where you find love suggestions like how to attract another person. You will find love pictures, videos, quotes and much more.

Do you know what is mean of love? I sure you don’t know. According to Wikipedia love is a encompasses and verify different emotional and mental states. So, guys, this community is a medium which helps to discuss a large member about love though, friendship thought, etc.

  • Love world
  • Sanger smile
  • Meet new friends only
  • All Time
  • NRI Matrimonial
  • Us member only
  • International
  • Diwana friends


Spiritual thinking is the primary goal of all people. According to Mahatma Gandhi,” Spirit never die, but our body will die” that means, you never hate spiritual or devotional thought. To take this lying, we share the religious Whatsapp Invite links for developing the motivation thing in mind.

  • Krisna coming soon
  • Love in Christ
  • Shalom peer group
  • Ram
  • Spiritual Love
  • deva trust
  • God is invisible
  • Samaj Seva


Fun is the best way to make our daily Life Peacefull. So the psychologist is always suggested, “always be happy”. I sure if you participate in the below group then removes your sad moment in daily life.

These funny groups give you a fun video, funny jokes, funny image, gif, etc. after a participant in this group so why you late?

  • Zone List
  • Free [email protected]
  • Funny groups
  • O my god
  • Funny UK country
  • Desi friends
  • Group logo
  • Funny video
  • Gangs of students
  • Funny thing
  • Joke ka bap
  • Funny memes
  • The king of comedy


According to the time technology is getting advanced. Daily inventions appear in the filed of science, medicine, computer, AI and others. We are excited to update with these new technologies. Because technology makes our work easy. In technology groups, you will get latest news from the technology, which will keep you updated with the latest things. If you are a student from science stream then you can ask your questions to these groups.

Technology is growing rapidly. We need to touch anytime to know about the real-time tech news and tips. To need the this, we share the technology Link List for WhatsApp user.

  • Youtube Promotion
  • Android app
  • Tech king
  • Moto g group’s list
  • Daily science
  • Technical hero
  • Web develop
  • Tech 100
  • Tech Today
  • Earn tech
  • Future technology


News is the information of something. News is categorized into different types of sports such as sports news, science news, politics news, technology news and etc, everybody has been busy today. You can join the newsgroup where you get news every time and whenever you are free, you can read them.

News is important in our daily lives. It is very important to contact the news blog today for general knowledge. If you are an internet user, then finding a new site is a very important thing to solve this problem. In order to solve our full problem, we collected a list of News Whatsapp Group, go to the news site and find the right news.

  • News Cloud
  • Telugu news
  • No 1 India
  • Tamil news
  • Bjp
  • Job news
  • Z news
  • World


There is a lot of social media website on the web. But, a most favorite social site like Facebook, WhatsApp, telegrams, etc. In this time the social site is taken more visitor because all human is interested in touching to his old and new friends.

On the below you can find the list . just join the below group by clicking the link and play with your game-play. There are many game list like IPL, XBOX, dream 11, etc

  • Football Update
  • Dragon shadow
  • IPL 10
  • 8 ball pool
  • Best of cocoa
  • Dream 11
  • Mani-craft
  • Ps3 /ps4 game
  • Clash of clans
  • Xbox live
  • Gamers


Most whatsapp users are adult, which means 18+. Some of them prefer such type  content. Searching for something on the Internet is not an easy task. If we search the internet then we can get thousands of results related to it. But there are only a few things for us. There are several groups on whatsapp you can join. These groups regularly share picture, post or non-veg message.

Note: -Don’t join in the below group if you are not able to 18+ above.If you are an adult then no restriction to join a group.

  • All Time
  • New JoIn
  • Nonstop
  • Po*n Only
  • My Po*n 18+
  • Tamil 18 +
  • Malaysia group 18+
  • New Hot 18+
  • Today 18+
  • new group
  • Gay
  • world wide
  • Mallu Following
  • Mallu fan
  • mallu video
  • Said log kit link
  • Twitter Malllu
  • Mallu bots
  • Mallu plane
  • Support Tamil farmer
  • All socially
  • Bole selfie group
  • Lovely we chat follows
  • Mallu sweet
  • Earn tech
  • Jay
  • Future reference
  • Happy friends

The advantage of whatsapp join Link?

Anyone can join the group when admin approved and want to add. But there is a simple way to join the group. Do you know what may be that? You can easily join the group through the link. So a question may arise in your mind that what is that link and how it works. With a single touch, you can join the group with a shared link. You can join many groups as your choice.

The best facilities of the group are you can get all the information from the group without doing nothing. Just be a group member and avail all services from there. It will help you to increase your knowledge. You will be smarter and intelligent. Chatting in the group is really interesting.

Due to the heavy user, some group is full of a member, this time you can directly contact our contact as page .you can share your “group link on the comment box. I sure put your group link on this post.

Whatsapp Group Features

Whatsapp Group is one of the best features, after which users find the app more useful. This is a Facebook-owned application. Today every WhatsApp user is connected to a group to receive notification. In this section I will tell you some of the best features that you can use to customize or simplify the group.


There is a place for quick description in every group. Description tells about the group. About the purpose and mission of the group and the group’s vision. Member of the group should know what the purpose of the group and why they are connected .


When there are more than 2 people, it can create confusion among members. Many times there are 2 or more people in the same name in a group. The user can not understand what the message is for. By mentioning a person, we can inform any person with a message. These features increase understanding in a group.

Delete a message

We are human and we make mistakes. Because there are many chat threads in our WhatsApp, we can confuse the selection of the group. Many times users share unnecessary things in a group, you have to apologize. But now you can delete a message after sending it. After sending any message you can delete them. This will remove your mistake.

Share location

Each group performs meetings where all group members are invited. Each inventory offers in a place or location. Whatsapp makes it easy for you. You can share a location or your current location on WhatsApp. To provide a place, open the Whatsapp group, tap on the pin item and share the location.


The biggest benefit of a group is that we can provide our ideas. To make it easier, WhatsApp offers a reply feature on its chat thread. To reply to the message, swipe the message to the right and type your input and send it. Using this feature you can reply to every message or any selected message.

Group Call

The group call was a unique feature of Whatsapp. In other message applications, you can call only one person. But now Whatsapp allows you to call more than 2 users from a group or your contact.

Check Group Storage

Every user in a group can share messages. Whatsapp Group has a feature in which the admin can see how many users are active in the group and how many of them have messages. The admin can also check the memory of the media which was shared by everybody in the group.

Media Visibility

Do you suffer from low memory space because of whatsapp content? Now whatsapp has a solution for you. You can select media visibility from group information. By default, Whatsapp stores the media on your device.

Frequently Ask Question

All The Group Link Are Work?

Yes, Maximum Invite Link Will Work .Can I prompt my product on the above group

Of course, you can Prompt your product , websites,review etc.Limit joining group at once?

Unlimited, but security Purpose join max 10 group at once.Can anyone send a tech-based group ?

Yes, on the above we share technology group

Final Word

Finally, says to the above Whatsapp Group Link List is a way of joining more group. This post daily updates and add 10+ more group so daily visit our blog to join the more and more. I sure you must be like this post if yes then share with your friends.

The post is very long for Whatsapp Group Links Collection. I think you must be enjoying it because in this tutorial has taken all over the categories. If you want to share your Whatsapp Group invite link, just write a simple message on comment selection. I will add it to the post as soon as possible.

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iTunes for Android Download (Official Latest Version)

iTunes for Android: Are you one of those who made music a part of their lives? Do you know that you can now play your iTunes music to your Android device? If not, then this article is for you.

iTunes is an application specifically made for playing music and audio files. This tool is great for organizing and enjoying the music and movies you have. It also allows you to purchase those songs you want without using another app or software.

But what if your iPhone/iPad suddenly broke and you don’t have any access to your files including your saved music? Would you be able to get it from your Apple device, or will you just go to your Android phone and start downloading them again? Don’t worry! Apple has an alternative iTunes access for you.

Apple has a strict policy when it comes to the applications they made. Those apps are not available on other platforms like Android. iTunes, for example, is an app that cannot be installed on Android unless you can find an alternative for this great tool. Fortunately, Apple itself made it possible by releasing an iTunes-like application for Android devices, it’s called Apple Music. You need to buy it, but you can also try it for free.

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Download iTunes for Android

NameApple Music 2.8.4Size42.1 MBRequirementAndroid 4.3 and laterAuthorApple Inc.

Download Apple Music

How to Get iTunes for Android – Apple Music

Here are the steps on how you can get iTunes for Android or the Apple music. Don’t worry, there will be no need to use an Android emulator here just to run Android apps properly.

Step 1. First of all, you need to download Apple Music from the download button above.

Step 2. Download the Apple Music and wait for it to be installed completely.

Step 3. After installing, open the application and click “Start Trial” if you haven’t decided to buy it yet. Then sign in using your Apple ID, or, you can create a new one if you don’t have an existing account.

Step 4. Once you have signed in with your existing account, your music will sync on your Android device. If you have your account just created, then you can have access to millions of songs available to be downloaded and add to the library of Apple Music.

Congrats! You now have iTunes for Android that you can use while you are on your car and having a road trip.

Apple Music Key Features

Apple Music has many great features which you will surely love. They are all present even if you use other platform or operating system. You can easily discover the songs of your favorite singer from millions of songs available.

#1. Cross-Platform Support

iTunes may not be available in other platform but Apple made a way to make it possible for Android users. Apple Music is available on the following devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
  • Mac
  • Windows PC
  • Android
  • Sonos

#2. Discover

Apple Music has daily recommendations for artists, tracks and mixes. You can play the latest release of your favorite artists including the playlists and collaborations. Watching music videos and checking music video playlists is also possible. This tool allows users to tune in to breaking news and keep track of what is the hottest all over the world.

Discovering such trends when it comes to music and shows has always been a favorite of all music lovers. You can also receive notifications whenever there’s a new release of songs of your favorites. These what makes Apple Music a must-have app not only for iOS and Mac but also for Windows and Android devices.

#3. Listen

Listening to your favorite songs can be easily done on Apple Music. Make a library of your favorites and be able to listen anytime even if you do not have an internet connection. You can add and manage your songs by creating a playlist for any occasion; from motivational songs to party music, it’s all in this application.

Another feature is that you can stream music from the Apple Music to Apple TV. You may also choose to enable speakers using AirPlay.


Having Apple Music (iTunes) for Android devices is a genius way of managing your playlist even if you don’t have your iPhone/iPod. Discover top and latest songs and listen to your favorites – online or offline.

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Best Apps To Play With Friends

Playing games on your phone can be a great way to kill time, relax, or just take your mind off the world for a while. But it is so much better when you have friends to play against. Here are the 15 best apps to play with your friends and bring out your competitive edge! All games are available on iOS and Android.

1. Quiz Up – Free

Quiz Up is a one or two-player trivia game for almost any topic on the planet! Quiz Up has topics ranging from Harry Potter characters, to the American War of Independence, and everything in between. Quiz Up allows you build up your score on each individual topic and lets you see where you are ranked for that topic in your home country or across the globe. You have the option to play solo, against friends or match with people via online play, so you are never short of an opponent. Each quiz is only 6 questions long, you are given up to 10 seconds to answer the question with more points awarded for the speed of your answer. This can hype up the pressure when playing against someone with similar knowledge of a topic, giving the advantage to the player who can think and react quickest! A must have for any trivia fans

Download: iOS, Android

2. Heads Up – Free

Yes, it’s the game that Ellen loves to play on her chat show. Although the idea might seem simple, it is one that can provide hours and hours of entertainment. All you have to do is hold the phone to your head and the other players have to describe the person or word on your head until you guess correctly (then tilt the phone down) or pass to the next word (tilt the phone up). With 18 different decks to choose from (Celebrities, Animals, Accents, Movies, and more) you will find a deck for everyone! The best features is that the app can video during gameplay so you can watch back what your friends were doing when giving you clues! Watching the recording back can sometimes end up being even funnier than the game itself!

Download: iOS, Android

3. Evil Apples – Free

Are you always the one responsible for bringing the cards to the party? After you play this game, you’ll never use a deck again. If you love playing Cards Against Humanity, you’ll get a kick out of Evil Apples. It is basically the virtual version of the raunchy party game, coined as “fithy and hilarious” by its creators. You’ll start out by finding a group of people to play with, whether they are nearby players located through your GPS or your friends that you virtually invite over text or social media. Everyone has a hand of digital cards with answers on them that are used to fill in the blanks. Each round, a sentence or question will be presented, which is when each player will use one of their cards to come up with the funniest answer. The designated judge for that round will select the card that they find the most hilarious, and the owner of the card wins that round. Evil Apples was ranked #1 in Word & Card Games in the USA, so you’ll be sure to have a great time with friends, whether it’s in person or not. (Just keep the game away from little ones!)

Download: iOS, Android

4. Snap Games – Free

Snap Games is a brand new gaming platform that Snapchat rolled out in April, where you can challenge your Snapchat friends to different games like Bitmoji Party and Tiny Royale. In total, there will be six Snap Games released, but there are currently only two available to the public. While it’s a brand-new platform, users of Snapchat are loving the ability to communicate with friends in a whole new way.  Plus, what’s not to love about seeing your adorable Bitmoji dance around with your other Bitmoji friends?

Download: iOS, Android

5. Worms 2: Armageddon – $4.99 

Everybody loves Worms, who doesn’t? This particular iteration of the classic turn-based artillery game doesn’t stray far from the formula that made Worms a classic in the first place. The basic premise is still move, shoot, and try not to die at the hands of your enemies (or your own). What they have added here is a massive arsenal of weapons, over 40 in fact, which can take time to master (but there is a fantastic single player campaign for that). Though you have the option to play online, the game is still at its best when playing together with a group of friends; the added weaponry only serves to enhance the number of different tactics you can adopt. Watching your friend’s last worm slide slowly towards his death, while your friend groans in agony, hasn’t got old. And while that is still funny, Worms will remain a classic.

Download: iOS, Android

6. Osmos HD – $3.99

IGN named it the #1 mobile game, it was named editor’s choice by Google, Wired, Macworld, IGN, and GameTunnel, and it was named Most Innovative Game by Pocket Gamer. The list of accolades that this app has notched up is enough reason alone to pay the $3.99 to experience (although a free demo exists for those of you not convinced yet). You swim about this beautifully animated 3D world absorbing smaller organisms and growing until you are the largest mote in the arena. Although it may sound simplistic, it is totally immersive and addictive, and yet still relaxing (probably in part due to the award winning electronic soundtrack). The multi-player mode is fantastic, offering local and online multiplayer, the game builds slowly with players tentatively trying to grow themselves until a moment to strike arrives, at which point at tense and exciting chase takes place. The game is designed to have a symmetrical arena so as not to favour one side, and the slow climactic build of the game becomes rather addictive. The multiplayer facet just adds another layer to an already incredibly designed game.

Download: iOS, Android

8. 8 Ball Pool – Free

The classic games are always the best, aren’t they? 8 Ball Pool is a mobile version of the game you play in your friend’s basement. Join the “world’s biggest online pool game” with your friends by inviting them directly through iMessage if you’ve got an iPhone, or through the 8 Ball Pool app on your device. You have the freedom to choose a one-on-one game of pool or particiapte in eight-player tournaments. In addition to bragging rights, you’re playing for “Pool Coins,” the app’s version of currency that allows you to enter matches that are exclusively for the highest-ranking players as well as buy gear at the Pool Shop.

Download: iOS, Android

7. Scrabble – Free

I hardly have to explain the concept of scrabble, it’s a game at least somewhat familiar to everybody. What the app does is remove the two most strenuous parts of the physical game, spell/word checking and set-up. The interface is very easy to use and navigate and the game runs rather smoothly. You have several options for multiplayer, playing against a random online opponent, with your friends via Facebook or Origin, or Pass’n’Play where you physically pass the device between yourselves. This is my favourite type of gameplay as it means you only need 1 device between up to 4 players and it allows you to play in a social environment and simply pass the device around the room, allowing for play during parties (friends of mine even play on nights out sometimes).

Download: iOS, Android

9. Fast Thumbs – Free

If you were the fastest typer in grade school, it’s your time to shine again. If not, it’s your chance to earn the title once and for all. Fast Thumbs is a speed challenge, testing your ability to type at lightening speed to your favorite lyrics. Calculating your missteps and your triumphs along the way, you can challenge your friends to see who types the lyrics the fastest with the least amount of errors. It may sound simple as can be, but most users get tripped up on periods, commas, and other forms of punctuation. Be on the look out for the occasional emoji, too! Avid users call Fast Thumbs “hectic and pulse-pounding,” but in the best way possible of course. Get your thumbs ready, get set, go!

Download: iOS, Android

10. PSYCH! – Free

From the same creators as Heads Up!, PSYCH! is one of the best apps to play with your friends if you are wanting to show off your ability to think on your feet. Encouraging you to “outwit your friends,” PSYCH! offers categories for you to choose from, from movies to scientific facts and pop culture. Whether you are in person with a group of friends at a party, or simply waiting in line at the grocery story, you’ll find yourself addicted to this game. Start by joining a game, either with friends or strangers. In short, the group will be given a trivia question, and everyone has to come up with a fake answer. The task is to come up with the answer that is the most believable, even though it will be false. Then, the group will be shown the false answers, as well as the true one, and they will have to take a guess on which one is true. The player whose false answer is selected the most wins the round.

Download: iOS, Android

11. Powerboat Racing 3D – Free

With a combination of fantastic visuals, simple and easy to master controls, and fantastic multiplayer (up to 4 players) gaming, Powerboat Racing 3D is a tough to beat in terms of a multiplayer racing game. You play a professional hydroplane powerboat racer competing against your “Super-Pro” opponents (though their quality varies dependent on your friends’ skills in multiplayer mode), if that doesn’t appeal to your inner child I don’t know what will! The boat handles exactly as you would expect a real boat to handle (Disclaimer – I haven’t actually driven a boat) and you get a real sense of speed and momentum during gameplay. The game offers a number of different types of race including racing, elimination (my personal favourite), survival and sprint and has an extremely helpful tutorial section that helps to train you into a Powerboat “Super-Pro” before your friends arrive to challenge you.

Download: iOS, Android

12. King Of Opera – Free

Have you always wanted fame and fortune? Well, now’s your chance to fight for the limelight. King of Opera is an insanely fun app to play with friends, where you are challenged with going up against up to three other people on one device. You are in charge of controlling your tenor with the goal of keeping them performing under the spotlight and preventing them from being bumped off stage. Enjoy exploring six different game modes with your friends to see who will end up King of Opera!

Download: iOS, Android

13. Mini Golf Match Up – Free (Ad Free Upgrade Recommended)

Mini-golf is fantastic, either real or virtual, and this game manages to capture the nuances of putt-putt better than any other game. Using a very simple pull back and release style of control (think angry birds), this game is incredibly easy to pick up and play. That combined with the fun cartoon graphics and a catchy little soundtrack makes this game a real winner. One small criticism I would have is that the ads can be quite jarring, the game is much better once you purchase the ad free upgrade (only). You can play online with friends or by matching with random opponents, you can use in game chat and play in several games simultaneously without slowing the game down at all. With a wide range of holes and course to unlock, Mini Golf Match Up will keep you and your friends amused for hours.

Download: iOS, Android

14. Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff – Free

Much like many other games of this genre the basic premise doesn’t change an awful lot; in this case you have to score field goals on a football pitch. The game is easy to begin with but with 360 degree wind conditions of increasing severity, you’ll be hooked trying to make that 50 yard shot in gale force winds. I multiplayer you can choose either precision or sudden death, testing your nerves or your skill, or maybe both! This little game becomes addictive rather quickly, and comes highly recommended for settling scores with sudden death! Example: winner gets the last slice of pizza.

Download: iOS, Android

15. Facebook Messenger Games – Free

Although they may be slightly hidden, the different games you can play with Facebook Messenger is incredible. With classics like Basketball, Chess, and Football (Soccer), that can only be accessed by inputting secret codes into Messenger; you’ll feel like a real life hacker when you enter the codes and discover things about Messenger that you never could have imagined….. You can challenge your friends on the other side of the room, or the other side of the world! Check out our Top 10 Facebook Messenger games here.

Download: iOS, Android

Honourable mentions to Pokemon Go (check out our top 10 tips and tricks, including how to play with friends) and Clash of Clans, the latter of which almost made it onto the list just because of its incredible adverts! Check out our Top Clash of Clans tips and if you think we missed any be sure to comment below or tell us via social media!

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Hill Climb Racing 2 Apk Mod + Data (Unlimited Money) Download Latest Version

In this post we will discuss about Hill Climb Racing 2 APK Mod + Data(Unlimited Money) Download Latest Version. Hill Climb Racing 2 Apk Mod is the sequel to the Hill Climb racing. In this article we will discuss about The racing tracks are more tough than ever because you have to balance carefully to finish the track. In this article you will get Hill Climb racing 2 apk Mod which will provide you with unlimited money and fuel that you can use to upgrade your vehicles.

Hill Climb racing 2 apk mod unlimited money and fuel will help you achieve great racing results in the game. You can also be competitive during online multiplayer in which you can easily bypass your opponents because you will have all your vehicle completely upgraded which will increase your winning chances as well.


Hill Climb Racing 2 is one of the most played games with a score of 4.6 out of 5 on playstore in which the player has to balance his/her vehicle all the way to the end between the obstacles to complete the track. In this post you will get a direct link at the end of Hill Climb racing 2 apk Mod latest which will provide you with unlimited money.

Hill Climb racing 2 Apk Mod Download

This game consists of 100’s of levels with great and stunning visuals that everyone will enjoy playing. In this article you will get Hill Climb racing 2 unlimited coins apk which will provide you with unlimited coins that can be used to upgrade your vehicles and also heavy motor vehicles such as truck etc.

Also Download: GBWhatsapp Apk Download

Hill Climb racing 2 Mod Apk Download


  • You can unlock vehicles that are best suited according to your play style.
  • You will get to play live competitive events.
  • You can also upgrade your vehicles- engine,suspension,tires etc.
  • You can also customize your vehicles according to your choice.
  • This game has great graphics so it doesn’t matter whether you play it on mobile or tablet because it won’t lose it’s quality.(Hill Climb racing 2 mod apk free download)
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WhatsApp Plus Apk 6.70 Latest Version Download For Android

Download WhatsApp Plus For Android: WhatsApp is the one of the most popular & used application as it has more than 100 million users worldwide. It is an excellent source to stay connected with over loved ones. If a person owns a smartphone, It is not difficult to guess that he|she will be having WhatsApp installed in it. Only because of its popularity, every single smartphone user is now a WhatsApp user. It has taken a significant role in everyone’s life. We use WhatsApp couple of hours daily for many purposes likes chatting with friends, group business chats, calling, etc. WhatsApp has many amazing features, but some features are restricted which is very annoying. Therefore we are going to share WhatsApp Plus Apk download with an easy installation guide. Download link for whatsapp plus is given below (whatsapp plus latest) download whatsapp plus apk (whatsapp+ 6.70 apk)

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest Version For Android (2018)

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download

APP NAMEWHATSAPP PLUSVersion6.70App Size27.3 MBRequiredAndroid 4.0 +Packagecom.whatsappDeveloperAbo2SadamLast Updated24 Dec 2019


WhatsApp Plus App Android 2018 (Info)

We had already shared the best WhatsApp Mods like GBWhatsApp & YOWhatsApp, but we cannot exclude WhatsApp Plus from this category as it is very trending these days. Yes, WhatsApp Plus is another best choice for droid geeks if they are in search of a best WhatsApp Mod. It is modded edition which is based on the official version of WhatsApp. Whatsapp Plus has many amazing features like hiding last seen, bluetick, online status, theming and much more which makes it a lot better than official WhatsApp. It works with non-rooted devices and is much faster than other WhatsApp Mods ! whatsapp plus apk download latest version 6.70 for android 2018 (official)

WhatsApp plus is the another best whatsapp mod with a ton of features and which is trending these days. It has outstanding customization options and many awesome themes which makes it cool. It has many features which other mods don’t include. WhatsApp Plus also provides daily theme updates which is another plus point. It is an anti-ban whatsapp mod. Therefore, no need to worry about account ban. whatsapp plus app android latest version free download

Download & Install WhatsApp Plus On Android (Installation)

Install WhatsApp Plus On Android

Now I am going to tell you that how you can install & enjoy this awesome WhatsApp Mod on your android device. You just need a compatible Android device to install WA Plus which must be Android 4.0 or up. If you want to install WA Plus, you must uninstall the official version of whatsapp. The download link of the latest whatsapp plus apk is given above and at the end of the post.

WhatsApp Plus is very easy to install. First of all download the latest version of WA Plus from the download link provided. After that, you can follow the step by step guide given below to install it on your Android phone. I will be sharing detailed instructions, so no one faces any issue while installing WhatsApp+. I have shared a video tutorial further.

Installing WhatsApp+

Your device must have unknown sources enabled in order to install whatsapp plus apk. You can do so by going to security settings of your device :WA Plus Android 2018

After enabling unknown sources, open the downloaded WA Plus apk file & install it :WhatsApp+ 6.70 AndroidWhatsApp Plus Apk For Android

Now you have successfully installed WhatsApp Plus on your Android device. Just fill your mobile number and register using the otp you receive :WA Plus Mod For Android

Now set up your profile & you are ready to rock. You can start enjoying WA Plus & its features on your Android phone. You will love its amazing features which will take your whatsapp usage to pro level. Now you will be able to use whatsapp a much better than earlier as you will get many superior features like hiding last seen, hiding online status, blue tick hide, send long size media clips, message recall and a lot more. You can check some screenshots of whatsapp plus below which will give you an estimate that how awesome it is :Download WhatsApp Plus ApkWhatsApp Plus For AndroidWhatsApp+ 6.70 AndroidFeatures Whatsapp+ 2018WA Plus Apk Download

(Video Tutorial)

If you still have any issue in installing WA Plus you can watch the detailed WA Plus installation video below :


VibrateContactsSend SMSInternet AccessRecord AudioLocation AccessAccess StorageAccess WifiAccess BluetoothAccess CameraAccess MicAccess Background Tasks

WhatsApp Plus 6.70 Latest Apk 2018 (Features)

Talking about the features of WA Plus it has a ton of amazing features & mods that you are surely going to love. Along with pro customization mods, you also get best privacy mods like hiding online status, last seen etc. It has a lot more excellent features that you can only discover after installing it. So go ahead, install it & experience the best WhatsApp Mod. Here is the list of some top features of WA Plus :

* Now you can send Auto reply with WhatsApp plus.

* Privacy Mods for hiding last seen, second tick, blue tick, online status & much more.

* You can recall & schedule your whatsapp messages using WA Plus.

* Video Call – Do unlimited video calls with your friends and families.

* Customization Mods Added – Style your whatsapp the way you like.

* Make group invite links using WA Plus & let the people join through them.

* You can use always online mod to show people online status even you are offline.

* Updated base to the latest version of WhatsApp. (Update arrives monthly)

* Change default whatsapp launcher icon with WA Plus.

* Send any files like zip, pdf, apk, etc.

* Get access to thousands of premium whatsapp themes.

* Share HD images with your friends without losing quality.

* Inbuilt lock – lock your whatsapp without using any app lock.

* Disable voice calls for all your whatsapp contacts.

* Share your themes with your friends & community.

* Send media files up to 50 MB.

* Status limit increased to 255 characters.

* Different status for individual contacts.

* Get notified of friend’s online status.

* Chat backup while uninstalling.

* Copy anyone’s status to the clipboard.

* Much more to discover.

Final Words

This was an easy guide on installing WhatsApp+ on android.  Now you will be able to install the latest version of WA+. Enjoy the best whatsapp tweaks & mods with WA Plus. It is updated monthly so whenever new update releases we will update it here. Therefore, you can also download whatsapp plus apk upcoming updates from our site. Bookmark this page or subscribe to site’s push notifications if you don’t want to miss a new update. Keep visiting ! If you want some more crazy android apps, you can find them on the homepage of my site.

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Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tricks To Get Chicken Dinner

PUBG Tricks are very helpful to learn the game-winning hacks for every gamer.“PUBG”, these four alphabets revolutionized the gaming world. It is also known as ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’.You can see each and every person around you playing it. Basically, it is a battle royale game that has a unique concept of survival. This game is developed by PUBG Corporation which is a subsidiary of a Korean Game Developing Company, Bluehole. The game is based on the movie Battle Royale. The realistic graphics and classic set of the game makes it very popular among teenagers. In this article, we will tell you the Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tricks that you Should Try and do a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”, easily.

The gameplay is quite simple but it needs skills. A maximum of 100 players will parachute onto an island (In gameplay, we call it MAP), and scavenge the whole island for weapons. There are different categories of weapons like Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles and many more. The aim is to kill as many enemies and not get yourself killed. In the end, the last surviving team or player will be crowned as the winner. At irregular intervals, the survival zone will shrink that would force more encounters and boost your adrenaline. Well, you may also try our YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp on your phone. Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tricks  

As this amazing game got a lot of success in a very short period of time, many new people starting playing it on daily basis. It is very easy for all Professional players to get the Chicken Dinner in any match. But, when a newbie play with high-level squad members, he is like what’s happening, who is firing, from where? :-p I am sure it happened with you too if you are a new player. Well, no need to get worried, even you can defeat any pro squad if you try our mentioned some useful PUBG Mobile Game Tricks & Tips. After playing PUBG a lot on my mobile, I came up with some useful tips for you. We have also shared interesting WhatsApp Dare Messagesin previous articles.

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tricks To Get Chicken Dinner

Contents [show]

The wait is over now, it’s time to reveal the best ever PUBG Mobile Tricks you should know to get chicken dinner easily. Newbies who recently started playing PUBG on their mobile face too many problems in winning the match. This happens as they have no experience of winning a match, right now. But, if they follow below mentioned Best PUBG Tricks, then can win the match easily. So, have a look at these 10 points and keep them in your mind always while playing a match. If you want to say up to date with PUBG updates then you can Join PUBG Mobile WhatsApp Groups.

  1. Choose Very Safely Where to Land on the Map

Many players may suggest you land on large settlements like Pochinki, Los Leones, Boot Camp or Military Base. But with more amount of supplies and weapons, there are many players that will too land on the same spots. There will be intense competition for survival. But if you land on spots like the Mansion, Camp Charlie, Mylta and many more. You can loot peacefully and can defend yourself from the survivors of Pochinki.

  1. Use the Eye

There is an eye symbol given on the top of your screen to navigate and to watch your back. Use that’s symbol to see whether anyone is advancing on you from the back or from the sideways. It is very helpful and you can gain skills and survive.

  1. Have Consumables to Run

Not many players know about the feature, but if you will drink energy drinks and take painkillers you will sprint faster. This is a great feature that will help you when you are running for your life inside the survival zone.

  1. Disable Auto Pick and Pick What You Need

An auto pick is an option for newbies and this is really disadvantageous at certain stages. Pick all the items that you need. This will make your bag have free space and you have to carry fewer items which are really advantageous during close combat. Secondly, carrying heavy and bulky bags will help your enemies spot you in the camouflage and shoot you easily.

  1. Changing Seats while Driving

This is also a trick that many does not know. When you are driving a vehicle and you see an enemy firing at you. Change your direction towards the enemy and change your seat. After that, peek outside the window and fire at the enemy that will give you position to fire and momentum. You will be never a target of the enemies as they will be firing on the driver’s seat.

  1. Take a Deep Breath

Swimming is a very dangerous task to do in PUBG Mobile. You cannot use your weapons or cannot run away as well. So, we will suggest that be inside the water all the time and swim. Come up for a moment for some air and dive down immediately. This will increase your chances of survival and no one else can spot you.

  1. Customize your Controls

Customize your controls according to your need and habits. You can do the customization in the settings option in PUBG Mobile and get yourself used to them. This will make your reflex strong and you can react in microseconds to any destruction or obstruction.

  1. Make Yourself a Tough Target

It is difficult to shoot a moving target and many players forget to move while they are shot at. Make yourself movable during the time of combat so that you can dodge many bullets and shoot the enemy. You can run around in random motions, jump or even twirl. This will increase your chances and make you a difficult target to shoot at.

  1. Get Mic’d Up

You can really use the microphone feature for your own good. Shift your mic to world chat so that you can hear all the players in the game. This will give you an insight into what’s happening in the game and you can prepare yourself for an upcoming wave of enemies. This is really cool and helpful at times. Never forget to get your mic and speaker ready.

  1. Lay Low and be an Opportunist

It is the most important skill to master in PUBG Mobile. You should decide where to make your game on where to lay low and watch other players fight. This will help your chances the most. Always fire when the target is in range otherwise it may know your location. Secondly, use peek and fire option. This option enables you to hide as well as fire from a safer location at times. Your chances will increase if you lay low when the heat in the match is high. You survive till all the players the dead not that kill the people that are alive. Now, you can also check WhatsApp Group Names for Friends.

You can download PUBG and play it on your iOS as well as Android Devices. This game is really good and if you haven’t played the game, play it and tell us how you felt about it. Comment down below which of the above tricks were helpful to you and which weren’t. If you have any doubts regarding this article or any suggestions, you can email us the feedback. We will reach out to you as soon as possible with a reply to resolute your problems.


So, guys, have you got the Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tricks which you should know. Many people are not aware of these tips and tricks that’s why they don’t get Chicken Dinner too much in their game. But, if you start following our mentioned 10 Tips, it will become much easier for you to be a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” in your match. No matter if you are playing Solo, Duo or in Squad, these PUBG Tricks will be gonna help you for sure. If you wanna share more Tricks for PUBG Mobile, feel free to comment below, we will add your suggestions in our article.

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